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Focus on Steam Coal, Anthracite, Chromite (ore and concentrates), Iron Ore (hematite fines and lumpy), Manganese (ore and concentrates), Magnetite (ore and fines) and Copper (ore, concentrates, cathodes and ingots) resources. We also produce limited aluminium ingots as well as source cobalt and tantalite.


Mineral beneficiation in South Africa

Team Discussion

The concept of beneficiation is not new in South Africa, but it took major steps forward during the 1990s. During this period, the South African mining sector changed from being a predominantly primary commodity exporter to becoming a world exporter of processed minerals. South Africa, for example, produced 2.9Mt of ferrochrome (used in stainless steel production) in 2004 and accounted for 45 percent of world production of this alloy.

IRON ORE - Hematite and Magnetite


SA has the large high-grade reserves of  hematite and magnetite. The Hematite is in the Northern Cape and the Magnetite is from Limpopo and Mpumalanga. We are also having huge problems of access of sustainable power and water in these provinces to make mining operations more viable. Thus on magnetite we have begun beneficiation of making Iron Pellets of min Fe 52% with Titanium levels of 9%
The export of Hematite is from Port of Saldanha typically lumpy and fines of Fe 63,5% grade, while the export of Magnetite and Iron Pellets are ex Durban Port and the Richards Bay Multi Purpose terminal.

Coal Products


Coal mining is one of the most established forms of mining in SA as well as most cost effective due to open cast mining practices. We have been exporting coal for a long while and are pleased to confirm we are recently registered with globalCoal. SA coal quality is regarded as one of the best and cost effective in the world. Historically our greatest problem has been logistics concerns for rail, road and port access, but in recent times this has significantly improved. We target to exporting over two million tons of steam coal per annum and just under a million tons per annum of anthracite. Our coal products conform to the RB1, RB2 and RB3 specifications as defined by RBCT.


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SA has the largest reserves of chromite material world wide. Over 70% of total world reserves are in SA and are spread over the Northern Cape (manganese) North West (chrome and Manganese) and Limpopo(chrome LG material) provinces. We are also having huge problems of access of sustainable power and water in these provinces to make chromite and manganese mining operations more viable. Thus as a result very little beneficiation takes place in these provinces. We have resorted to importing higher grade products for trading purposes and some for blending purposes.


Mr Madi leads the team and manages all client interface and relationships with afficilated mines and legal authorities. He has a finance background having financed listed multinational mining houses over the past 23 years, with working experiences in Middle East (Dubai, ), Asia (Hong Kong, Hanoi, Shanghai, Manila, Singapore, Guangzhou and Shenzhen), Central and South America (Colombia, Brazil and Panama) and Africa (Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Zambia, DRC, Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa)

Themba Madi


Dr Madi is an academic and a specialist medical officer in emergency medicine, leading member of the emergency services department of Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital. He is also a lecturer at University of The Witwatersrand and has contributed to a number of papers in his chosen area of speciality. He has a master’s degree in emergency medicine, and is currently pursuing registration for doctoral studies in the same field. He heads up the Madi Outpatient Group as executive chairman with two proposed sites in Ethiopia and three identified sites in South Africa.

Dr Sfiso Madi


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